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Where exactly Tyler's parents had traveled, or how far, no one seemed to know.

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Bendell says, 'The man seen in the documentary posing as John Hartley Robertson is a guy from France, an impostor, who has been used to scam money from well-meaning veterans and others who would LOVE to see any POW rescued.' Indeed, Mr.

Bendell reveals that influential former POWs Major Mark 'Zippo' Smith and Orson Swindle - who was Senator John Mc Cain's cellmate during their incarceration by North Vietnamese forces - are aware of the fraud the man claiming to be Sgt. Orson Swindle seen in June 2008 in his role as Commmissioner of the Federal Trade Commission - Mr.

But a fellow Vietnam vet who claims he has met a man claiming to be him set off a media storm on Tuesday Don Bendell (left) has spent years debunking the claims of a Vietnamese man who says he is missing American veteran Sgt.

Army Green Beret and member of an elite MACV-SOG unit, was listed as Missing In Action in 1968.

Men didnt have to worry about ticking clocks or aging eggs.

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