Error validating the uitest xml


facebook This post is the Second post out of Four that builds the Visual Studio 2010 Coded UI Test User Guide.See the first post: “Visual Studio 2010 Coded UI Test User Guide – Introduction” On this post I will show how to create a simple Coded UI Test.We have created a simple Coded UI Test, next on this guide we will see we will see how to reuse a prerecorded Coded UI Test in the MTLM tool.

The same file was recreated in the same directory as I described with the exact same code and syntax error ( missing opening Solved!

so it appears as though there is a copy made of the app each time it is run.

This means that all the xml files and everything else contained in the guestbook-war/src directory is copied into a file called appname-version-SNAPSHOT.

I need the test to wait for an Image to appear on the screen before executing the next step.

I don't use much PHP, but I believe you have to somehow have access to Lib XMLError to print the messages.

To be sure, you did save the file, close it and reopen to make sure it's saved before running it right?

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