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The world is a mirror, and we are constantly bearing witness to reflections of that which lies within us.

To change what we experience in our lives and in our world, we must first go within.

This work draws upon Earth-based wisdom and teachings held by our indigenous elders, sacred healing arts, and yoga.

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I love all Seinfeld, but having seen the seasons prior, it's obvious this is the point at which the writers and actors were totally comfortable with the ins and outs of the characters.

There is no high connected with juicing but...get 60 times the medical benefit as compared to smoking. It does seem to make him 'chipper' and perhaps a little more talk-ative than usual.

My wife has as many ailments as this lady had so I have to give it a try. He says it gives him 'a lift', but, does not make him 'stoned' like smoking a thc-rich marijuana joint would.

"The Pilot" features a great montage of all the characters we've encountered over the season watching the pilot episode of Jerry, from major recurring characters like Jerry's parents ("How could anyone not like him!

" says Helen) and Newman (asleep in front of a Yankees game) to one-episode wonders like Sidra, to off-screen characters like the bubble boy and John F. Maybe it's a bit of padding for a double-episode of a 22-minute sitcom, but the whole thing feels very much like a reward for Seinfeld's loyal fans.

Contact Host Reconnecting with our Living Earth In this modern world, many of us have become disconnected from the living spirit of Nature and our attention distracted and diverted away from the pure light of our soul.

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