Elucidating socratic method of business


It involves recognizing that all new understanding is linked to prior understanding, that thought itself is a continuous thread woven throughout lives rather than isolated sets of questions and answers.” [2] Another way to understand the Socratic method is to understand what it’s not.

This can best be viewed in Socrates’s direct opposition and reaction to Sophism.

Therefore, Socrates opposed the Sophists and their teaching of rhetoric as art and as emotional oratory requiring neither logic nor proof.Academic institutions worldwide, such as Stanford University’s Center for Teaching and Learning or Cornell University’s Center for Teaching Excellence, are searching for ways to improve learning outcomes – knowledge and skills that students take away from the classroom.These concepts are also finding their way into the entrepreneurial environment, as learning has become increasingly important in the today’s chaotic economy.Socrates himself never spelled out a "method." However, the Socratic method is named after him because Socrates, more than any other before or since, models for us of philosophical inquiry that allows one to interrogate from many vantage points.Gregory Vlastos, a Socrates scholar and professor of philosophy at Princeton, described Socrates’ method of inquiry as "among the greatest achievements of humanity." Why?As told in Plato’s , we learn that the Oracle of Delphi has confirmed to a friend of Socrates that no man is wiser than Socrates.

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