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Educators and military officials are grappling with shifting demographics, where the people in leadership roles look less and less like the people they are charged with serving.

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“Governor Branstad obviously is Iowa’s longest-serving governor, someone who has considerable public policy experience but also someone who has a lot of experience and great grasp of trade issues, agriculture issues, has a tremendous understanding of China and Chinese people [and] is someone who very much impressed the president-elect,” Miller said. ambassador to China serves as an important bridge linking the governments of the U. Branstad was among the most active Republican establishment figures backing Trump, campaigning regularly with him in Iowa.(The Air Force has conducted airstrikes against ISIS and the campus has become a target of the group.) But she might as well have been referring to her strategy for running the operation responsible for educating the next generation of Air Force officers who will be tasked with defending the United States against foreign threats.Although she’s only been at the helm for three years, they are years that span a tumultuous time for both higher education and the military broadly.The truth was that while Her Majesty and her guests were beginning their Christmas celebrations in 2007, 2nd Lieutenant Wales was more than 3,500 miles away in southern Helmand, war-torn Afghanistan’s most dangerous province.Even as his relatives were plumping up the pillows on their four-poster beds Harry — the first senior royal to fight on a battlefield since Queen Victoria’s grandson Maurice in World War I — was surveying the tiny, cell-like room at Forward Operating Base Delhi that was his temporary home.‘We couldn’t believe it when he arrived,’ says Lt Colonel Bill Connor. He came in like a regular soldier and that’s how he remained.Harry and I made a run for the buildings — we had no body armour on, just our PT kits.

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