Dating graflex


I found the lens on my Crown Graphic, an Ektar 127mm, to be very limiting in situations where I couldn’t get very close to the athletes during competition (which, at the Olympics, is nearly every situation).

Landry focuses his work on shooting bands, but what makes him so unique is the equipment he uses.

The Pacemaker Speed Graphic was one of the longest produced large format cameras, produced from 1947 to 1970 (twenty-three years).

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Some had already had a good show by the time it opened for regular admissions at 9 am.Although he describes the cameras as “easy to use,” the weight of the cameras, the length of the exposure and development period, and the patience required for the whole process are very difficult burdens.For tightly-cropped finish line jubilation or dejection, sometimes being in “the pack” is a necessary evil at the games.The Graflex Reflex is an iconic camera and it was a favorite photographic companion for legendary photographers such as Alfred Stieglitz, Paul Strand and Dorothea Lange.Of the latter, Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother” which she shot with a Graflex Reflex in 1936 while recording images of the great depression, is regarded as a modern icon in its summation of the endured hardships.All models have the flip up optical finders and the Graphic (spring) back was standard. The big improvement in the 1928 Speed Graphic 5x7 and 4x5 cameras over the top handle versions was the 4 inch square lensboard for tele and speed lenses.

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