Dating friendz


Using this guide, you’ll hopefully find yourself excited about the possibility for new friendships. After all, the saying goes, “A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” Your circle of friends from university are great – they’ve seen you through your best times and, on occasion, your worst.

According the Office of National Statistics (ONS), “Britain is the loneliest capital of Europe.” 😭 The ONS even go on to say that “Britons are less likely to have people they can turn to in a crisis or to feel close to neighbours.” A new city can be really lonely for some.

The family spent one year in Ethiopia, and later spent time living in an Ashram in the US.

Her parents amicably divorced when she was 10 and she was raised by her father while her sister was raised by their mother (the family maintained connections after the divorce).

In case anyone out there is stubbornly staring at the wall like I once did, allow me to try to explain my evolution. Me on a couch, cozying up to whomever I am dating at the time!

Perhaps we are conversing over wine, but more than likely there are two bottles of Corona with a splash of orange juice and we are enjoying what is known as “man-mosas.” As things get more comfortable, perhaps I introduce him to my Al Gore impression and, if that goes over well, my theory that in the event of an actual zombie apocalypse, the undead would simply rot away within a few days and no longer pose a threat. Maybe something in his brain is broken and he can’t process feelings?

I had a tough-love therapist a while ago who frustrated me to no end. Slowly over time, as I’ve aged from a 22-year-old deer-in-headlights to an actual adult, I’ve started to understand what my therapist meant.

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