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, Dafne Keen's Laura is both tragic and comic; brutal and heartwarming — and just maybe, the successor to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in the X-Men movie universe.

Craig Kyle created the character in 2003 for the animated series , after a Kids WB executive asked if he could make Wolverine a kid (the show featured younger versions of many of the X-Men). But it got Kyle thinking, and he pitched the idea of a young, female Wolverine clone to then-Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, who loved it.

Her latest incarnation in is no exception—and speaks to greater issues with female characters in comics.

To understand how the clown princess of crime became a pop-culture lightning rod is to understand how the role of women in comics has changed over the last quarter century..

Whether you’re looking for comic books from Marvel, DC, Image, Vertigo, or other publishers, Hello Comic! With comics dating from the 1980s through to very recent releases, you can find all of the heroes that you’ve seen on the big screen as well as discover new favorites.

It’s not just superhero comics Though it’s not quite as easy to navigate as Hello Comic!

has helped fuel the revival of the comic book industry.

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She worked her way up from a would-be cameo in a cartoon to a character so valuable that DC Comics dedicated an entire month of the year to her.(There are only 12 of those, you know.) Her books are popular; cosplayers find her various looks irresistible.But wherever she goes, Harley seems to court controversy.Unfortunately, going down to the local comic shop to pick up your favorites can be quite expensive, with single issues costing or more.When you’re only getting a small portion of a larger story, the sums involved can really add up fast.And I think she has a real shot of filling a missing piece.

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