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David's writing showed his academic rigor and it also had a mature take on a lot of the advice that was being given.This attracted a more mature crowd and also men who were of Asian origin like David due to his ethnicity.D., has coached hundreds of men and women to success in dating, relationships, and lifestyle since 2007.As Executive Director of Aura Dating Academy, David empowers men and women in Singapore with the social skills, emotional intelligence, and dating strategies to find greater happiness and fulfillment in life; equips people with a proven system for achieving success in their social lives, dating lives, and love lives; and provides a total solution for excellence in relationships and lifestyle. At the end of 2010, I resigned my professorship to take up the directorship of my own company, Aura Dating (Pte.A Chinese Canadian mother requested his help in order to help socialize her son who had been harassed by neo-Nazis throughout high school.Taking upon this heavy burden of social responsibility, JT told her: , if you allow him to.David Tian (known also as The Asian Rake) has had considerable media exposure in Singapore over the last 5 years where he was known as "Doctor Date" and portrayed as the Asian "Hitch" (reference to Will Smith's dating coach film). In his late 20s he got divorced from his wife and moved to China to study and refind his bearings. in Asian Cultures and Philosophy from The University of Michigan.

Tran introduced the concept of the ABCDEF structure which incorporates three main components, namely: thoughts, actions, and words.

Plus, I didn’t owe any investors any interest or dividends. Everything I have experienced has led me to become the person I am today.

If I could do things differently, I would pay more attention to marketing. Much of my uniqueness in my field is due to my more academically rigorous approach to the subject matter.

Upon moving to Singapore in 2007 to take up an academic position at a local university David also made it known that he was providing dating coaching there.

He steadily took on more clients and soon the local media began reaching out to him for tips on radio, press and TV shows.

According to his techniques, the first step includes “kino” or kinesthetics.

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