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He didn’t hold back when we asked him what youth ministers, youth workers and parents should know about teen dating and sexual purity.Q: What’s the best advice you received about teaching teens to abstain from sex until marriage?The biblical story of how Esther became queen is quite interesting.King Ahasuerus threw an extravagant party that lasted for several days.Andy Stanley, the founder of North Point Ministries, is perhaps most well known for carrying on his father’s legacy as a prolific preacher and author.His latest book, “The New Rules For Love, Sex and Dating,” boldly pushes past the Church’s typical playbook when confronting young people about their sex lives.Pastors and young-adult leaders would be wise to recommend No Sex in the City to the twenty or thirty-something females in their congregations.

Esther was eventually crowned queen out of all the young women who applied for the position.

She lets readers in on her real life without covering up the details that many authors do not talk about.

This approach is different from many Christian books you would traditionally read on the topic of relationships.

On the last day of the party he called for Queen Vashti to wear her crown and walk around for everyone to see how beautiful she was.

As Christians, we are to believe that God inspired every word of the Bible, not for the sake of vanity, but to teach us something that we can use today.

She says, “I just like talking about sex — the good stuff, the way it is supposed to happen — in marriage.” Lindsey reminds her readers that even in their twenties, thirties, or later in life, waiting for the right relationship is still important.

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