Daniel packard dating coach

Daniel Packard is an internationally known transformational entertainer and trainer of love athletes.Tune into this episode to find out how you can attract the love you've always wanted and be on the right path to becoming a love athlete!Listen to Meiyoko as he shares: What "your amazing" is, or could be What a lot of self-help/personal dev ...…Mark and Laura Tong were on the show last March, talking about ways to live without regrets, and now they're back to discuss the new book, The Life-Changing Power of No!, where they discuss healthy and respectful ways to assert your boundaries in various situations.“Thinking doesn’t get love,” Packard told the men in the audience.He told the men to quit over thinking their dating life.

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He also spoke about rejection, and how the fear of rejection perpetuates the inability to pursue love interests.The smart & sexy comedy that gets you more of what you want in dating, love and sex. Museum of Sex, 233 Fifth Ave (@27th St) Subway N, R, 6 to 28th Street.National romance expert, Daniel Packard, shares his own hysterical "I can't believe that really happened" cautionary love tales to create this dynamic, and thought provoking new comedy. Imagine a fun, sexy, thought-provoking conversation with your best friend.And now imagine having that conversation with an entire theater full of people. Welcome to Daniel Packard's Live Group Sex Therapy Show, a unique new interactive comedy that asks you to turn ON your cell phone at the start of the show.Daniel Packard will bring his own humorous tales of romance as well as dating and relationship advice to NYC for six performances starting July 15th, at the Museum of Sex, 233 Fifth Avenue.

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