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The Philippines has been one of the world’s hot spots for church growth.Although in the first seventy years after Protestant Christianity reached these islands in 1898 only 5,000 churches were established, in the last twenty-five years a further 22,000 have begun.There is nothing evil that has not been pinned on me yet.In sum, I win by being the vilest person according to these posts.

We call it utter marketing 131Originally posted by bluewaterrider Lavey's wife telling people that Lavey actually did believe in Satan as an actual being and writing so in his biography is "utter nonsense"?

I can post multiple quotes of Lavey denouncing and mocking all religion, and his wife's words don't contradict the fact the man was an atheist.

Originally posted by Surtur I did not know Star had his own website. If Lavey's own wife disagrees, and validly so, then Lavey was NOT telling you what "satanism" truly means. If she doesn't validly disagree, then she, being a Satanist, was lying. Or perhaps you're calling the idea of anything whatsoever being supernatural "utter nonsense" and just worded your response poorly?

Patience and waiting for what God can do, can pay off. Let us trust in God and not take things into our hands when we are being mistreated. For those of you who know me, my name is ubiquitous on the Internet – made partially by those who enjoy lies and churning lies.

If there is one who can win by plurality of hate material, it would have to be me.

So just to be clear the wife wrote the autobiography and claimed he did believe in Satan. Even though it doesn't actually change what I said about Satanism.

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