Columbia university reveals racial preferences in dating


Rather, what does surprise are a series of papers that show a very strong asymmetry in strength of preference between males and females.

To be crass about it, an attractive warm body will do for a man, but women strongly prefer a body with the packaging of their own race!

We employ a Speed Dating experiment that allows us to directly observe individual decisions and thus infer whose preferences lead to racial segregation in romantic relationships.

Females exhibit stronger racial preferences than males.

The president articulated a different path: class-based programs that recognize would disproportionately benefit the victims of racial oppression but also acknowledge that racism is not the only source of unequal opportunity in American society.

The fact that individuals tend to want to mate assortatively with those who share their characteristics is no surprise.

They were also asked to rate their date on six attributes: .

The dataset also includes questionnaire data gathered from participants at different points in the process.

The subjects were drawn from students in graduate and professional schools at Columbia University.

Participants were recruited through a combination of mass email and flyers posted throughout the campus and handed out by research assistants.

Had users become more open-minded in their dating practices in the past half-decade?

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