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She started playing the piano as a young girl and was inspired by Lauryn Hill's performance in the movie Sister Act 2, and decided to become a singer.She auditioned for American Idol twice, even performing an original song, the soon-to-be hit single "Bubbly", but was turned down.I was always shy and had a huge fear of being onstage.I was contemplating quitting, but then I realized that I do want this and I was giving up too easily.I had to break through all my fears and insecurities and really try hard to become the person I want to be.And so I wanted to send that message out to people because I know we all feel like we're the only ones who have insecurities. It has the same vibe, but I think I've matured a lot over the past couple of years, and I've been working with different songwriters and had more life experiences.Love was all Colbie Caillat needed to inspire her third album, "All Of You," which comes out July 12.While touring to promote 2009's chart-topping "Breakthrough," Caillat began a relationship with her guitarist and musical director Justin Young, which she tells was "a surprise to both of us.

Join Colbie Caillat on her tour this 2011; Use Eventful as your source for Colbie Callait tour dates and concert schedule information.Colbie Caillat tour dates have been scheduled along heavy hitters such as John Mayer.To promote her new disc, Colbie Caillat tour dates have been scheduled nationally and have her traveling the country.Well "Fallin' for You" is the first single, and it's about falling for a guy I was friends with.We went out on a date and I realized that there was no one else in the room.From 2011’s All of You, “Brighter Than The Sun” went platinum and enjoyed over twenty film and television placements, while seeing acclaim from People and NY Post. I love listening to Bob Marley at the beach, while drinking a kale smoothie in my twenty-dollar Target bathing suit with zero makeup.

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