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There are scores of other guys just a few taps away, maths tell us one of them is almost certainly a better fit for you.

She explains: 'The issue is when we judge someone on whether they are our type or not, we do so on surface level appearances and personality traits.

The signs may be in front of you, but how do you know what to look out for?

Australian author David Gillespie has shared some signs to identify whether your significant other has any psychopathic traits.

In fact, don't assume that you are in a relationship with him, until he says so. Remember that you are a date, it is not an interview or interrogation.

I am keeping these feelings hidden from him as best as I can, but when we are apart I am a mess and paranoid wondering why it isn’t going further, what is wrong with me… No pressure, fun, energetic, just letting things be and progress naturally. Reading Rory Ray and Christian Carter books and seeking therapy after my divorce.'Would you want to be in a relationship with someone who cares more about the selfie lighting situation on a date, than the date itself, I doubt it? Jack Knowles, founder of dating app Temptr, says that many single people that he encounters seem to carry a typical ‘woe is me attitude’ when it comes to explaining to friends and family members the reason behind why they haven’t yet found ‘the one’ to settle down with, especially once they have reached a certain age.'Sadly, this method of feeling sorry for oneself can very much exacerbate a situation and gives potential suitors a reason to stay away,' he said.I feel really good about myself but this uncertain relationship leaves me doubting myself. I can appreciate how difficult it can be to make sense of men, dating and relationships, especially after a divorce.When a marriage ends, dating can seem like a foreign country!'The stories will be crafted to touch an emotional chord with you and to elicit your sympathy and compassion.

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