Cam sex demo


**Update 3/3/15–So now that some articles about the Siime have come out, I’m getting lots of views on this post/interest in the toy.

The Siime is cool for videos like this (but remember it only works with a clear speculum! If you’re looking for a great vibe/sex toy, check out all of my favorites on my Toybox page (they have hearts next to them.) Also, if you’re new here, check out my About Me page!

Keep in mind that I was doing this alone, so I’m holding the camera vibe in one hand & Mona in the other… There was no foreplay or anything…I just had the speculum in/Siime plugged in and decided to grab Mona and give it a shot! Get the Svakom Siime at Lovehoney US, Lovehoney UK & get a clear speculum at Lovehoney US/UK or at Stockroom!

*When I tried using Siime without the speculum, all I saw was a pink blur, so if you want to see like in the video, get a clear speculum!

Well, the company is definitely doing wonders with keeping the smartphone’s hardware a top priority and top quality; they are surely managing to steal the industry’s attraction by keeping the price at a reasonably pocketable price.

I have a clear speculum in, and I’m using the new Svakom Siime Camera Vibrator ((it used to be called the Gaga)).The rear camera was especially in focus as the 16MP Sony sensor was equipped with an active 4-axis optical image stabilizer.The OIS compensates for shaking across all possible directions while taking videos or snapping photos.Users control the device using a toggle on a wristband.A personal pleasure device is pretty much as intimate as you can get, so it's no wonder that designers are mulling customization options, aided by 3D printing.Small batteries fuel the Hello Touch wearable vibrator, billed as the smallest of its kind available.

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