Buzz dating game show


The show itself was a fast-paced variant of The Dating Game in which a bachelor and bachelorette competed against each other to win a date with a member of the opposite sex, as well as money. Behind a screen, which the bachelorette could not see through, were four different men, who introduced themselves to the bachelorette one at a time.

The Bzzer met each player one at a time, and he/she asked questions to each one. Upon bzzzing a player out of the game, the set went dark, a giant "BZZZ!If The Bzzer does not like the contestant in any way, he/she pressed the bzzer to "Bzzz! " sign lit up in red on a wall, and a superimposed message appeared to the bzzed contestant.The Bzzer even made a remark as to why he/she bzzed that contestant (the eliminated player(s) wore headphones to block out the explaination). And now, the host of your show, (Why that would be) ME! A bachelor/bachelorette who is dubbed "The Bzzer" was shown four members of the opposite sex. was more of a fast-paced version of The Dating Game.But if The Bzzer liked the player in control, he/she rang a bell and they became a couple.

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