Brandy and wanya morris dating

He is mostly recognized by his people because of his work and performance within Boyz II Men as an active member into it.He spent most of his childhood times within Philadelphia place Richard Allen. And going through the archives, we couldn't help but be tickled when we saw all the familiar faces who were such big deals then—and a few who only turned into way bigger deals as the years went by.

After he came back from dancing with the stars he started his career in music and in the early time he became a part of local club.

1 singles and starred on the UPN hit , Brandy never felt worthy enough.

"People don't understand that being the hottest star or making the most money does not mean anything," she explains.

From her high school boyfriends, prom date, first love, engagements, breakups and the birth of her only daughter from her relationship with Producer Big Bert Smith and her alleged relationship with Sir The Baptist.

During her VH1 “Behind The Music” episode that premiered last night, the R&B singer revealed a number of life-changing incidents, including being heartbroken after dating Boyz 2 Men singer Wanya Morris, having a teenage eating disorder, getting pregnant and faking her marriage, being involved in a fatal car crash, and more.

Here’s what the beautiful mom had to say: On the best part of motherhood: "I love being a mother because having a child inspires you to be a better “you.” On maternal hardships: "The hardest thing about being a mother is that you realize you aren’t perfect and you’ll make mistakes.

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