Blake lively and ed westwick dating

Personal life of this great actor is as much colorful as his filmography.Ed Westwick’s relationship status appears to be the most intriguing fact in his biography.Leighton say that playing Blair was like therapy for her, she played a character which was totally different from who she was, and had different background.She got to play a teenage brat and got to say and do thing on the set that no one ever does in the real life.stars Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr have taken their on-screen romance off-screen!According to W, the pair and Chace Crawford were stuck in the Dallas airport yesterday (pictured here). They were being very flirty when people were not paying attention…

And since there is no more gossip girl who would spread exclusive news, fans themselves are trying to find new rumours about they favourite stars.

Recently they caught attention of the paparazzi again. The only thing can be said: a new/old Ed Westwick girlfriend is back into his life again.

It was obvious that during the brunch they were not just eating.

They run in the same circles, so why not, you know? They’re spending hours upon hours with one another, so it’s practically an inevitability.

Chuck (Ed Westwick) finds himself attending an unexpected gathering as he tries to uncover the truth about Bart.

So Jessica Szohr is not a new, but old Ed Westwick girlfriend? She had a role of Vanessa Abrams and Ed played the one and only Chuck Bass.

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