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“Black Berry Hub is the first pure software offering from the new Mobility Solutions Group, but it’s a natural move for us,” the company said in a blog post.

“Not only is it the latest example of Black Berry’s fast-emerging software business (already at a run rate exceeding 0 million a year), but it fulfills our promise to make the fruits of decades of R&D and software development as widely available to users of other devices and other platforms as possible.” The Waterloo, Ont.-based company has previously said it will focus on building up its software offerings as it moves away from relying on dwindling hardware sales.

If you're growing a business, every chance to get your company's name and information in front of a customer's eyes is a important opportunity.

Your Black Berry Bold smartphone lets you do just that by adding a signature, which is just a small piece of text, at the end of every email you send from your Black Berry.

It could take a few minutes in order for these changes to sync with the appropriate table in the database and this can cause a delay in applying the correct data when the message is sent.

You will NEVER see the Auto-signature appear in the outgoing e-mail.

Delta Sync is a proprietary protocol used by Microsoft.

Email clients such as Windows Live Mail Desktop will use Delta Sync (and previously used Web Dav, an older alternative) to fetch email from web-based services such as Hotmail.

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Remember what a pain it was to change your email signature on Black Berry in the past? Now, instead of having to venture into your BIS settings to get this done, the feature is built in to the email settings on the device so you can change it up (or disable it) with just a few quick taps.You're welcome to change it up however you'd like and can do so for each of your email accounts individually, so if you want different signatures for work or email accounts it's not a problem. Auto-signatures are not stored on the Black Berry smartphone itself but are actually stored in the Black Berry Configuration Database.By changing this signature, you can update your information to provide the latest information on your home office, products or services. Select "Email Preferences" if you are changing the signature setting for a work email account managed through the Black Berry Enterprise Server, then select the "Message Services" field and select your desired email account fro mthe list that appears.Select "Email Account Management" to change the signature for a personal email account.September 2013: Check out our recent blog posts covering rendering differences for desktop clients and webmail clients.

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