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So, how you can improve your own chances to find a mate, according to the data?

Most of the top terms suggest that being active in sports, especially outdoor sports like skiing and surfing, will improve your odds.

Next, post some photos, especially ones that highlight your fitness passion.

You can even peruse the profiles of other members and“Show Interest” in the ones that seem like a fitness match.

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If you’re trying to find the love of your life, it may be time to take up yoga.

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But, one thing is for sure – the 60-year-old equivalent of George Clooney is not going to show up as your doorstep, riding a white horse and carrying a bouquet of hand-picked flowers! When we were younger, our mothers told us that “you need to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.” The same is definitely true for dating after 60!

You will probably have to meet dozens of men before you find one that you are really interested in spending more time with. Remember how to flirt and celebrate your feminine power.

For women, the words and phrases most associated with popular profiles include: London, NYC, yoga, surfing, athlete, fitness, fashion, .

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