Backdating benefit

Housing Benefit is a means tested award, which means we look at your income and capital, and that of your household, to work out how much help we provide.You can check how much Housing Benefit you may be eligible for and make a claim online.If you’re unhappy with the response you can appeal the decision.

Sometimes, customers want their housing benefit and/or council tax reduction to start from a date before they made their claim. Backdating can only be given where there are exceptional circumstances that prevented a claim from being made earlier.You can still make a new claim if you’re already getting other benefits.You can claim Housing Benefit as part of your application for other benefits.Housing benefit is a means-tested benefit (in other words it is determined after taking into account income available to you).It is designed to help people on low income pay their rent.You do not have to be entitled to other means-tested or social security benefits to qualify.

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