Andrea albert pierre casiraghi dating

The Valentino's dress is very pretty but I am afraid it doesn't look better on Beatrice... Beatrice Borromeo e Pierre Casiraghi, abito lungo bianco e argento per la sposa la notte della festa (FOTO, VIDEO) video of the couple arriving at the evening reception. 3) Marta Marzotto is Paola's mother, and therfore Beatrice's grandmother. Her son Matteo Marzotto (Beatrice's uncle) is basically the owner of the Maison Valentino.

4) Carlo Borromeo's wife, Marion Sybil Zota, mother of Isabella, Lavinia and Matilde Borromeo (Beatrice's half sisters) was not present as far as I know to the wedding.

Those who will attend the royal dinner at the Hotel de Paris include Princess Stephanie, Camille Gottlieb, and Jazmin Grace Grimaldi.

A religious ceremony on a private island owned by the Borromeo family will take place next weekend, and Pierre and Beatrice will prepare for it in Italy.

Après avoir laissé Albert de Monaco organiser la partie civile à Monaco (le mariage à la mairie était suivi d'une garden-party donnée dans le mythique Hôtel de Paris), la famille Borromeo a mis les petits plats dans les grands pour le mariage de Beatrice, 29 ans, et Pierre Casiraghi, 27.

Le Jour J commençait donc naturellement par une cérémonie religieuse, suivie d'un déjeuner en famille.

So when Pierre wed Beatrice Borromeo, an Italian heiress, all of Monaco’s royalty turned out in their finest fashion, reported .Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.*Photo of Tatiana and Andrea from 2011, at Albert and Charlene’s wedding.In addition, Pierre’s side of the family was represented by Andrea and Charlotte Casiraghi, together with Andrea’s wife, Tatiana, and Charlotte’s boyfriend, Gad Emaleh.In addition to the civil ceremony, many more flocked to a garden party themed to resemble a carnival that was held in the gardens of the Palace.Part of Hugo Boss was sold too (a daughter firm of Valentino).

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