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It was inspired by the 1948 motion picture The Naked City and mimics its dramatic "semi-documentary" format.As in the film, each episode concluded with a narrator intoning the iconic line: "There are eight million stories in the naked city.Silliphant's work resulted in significant critical acclaim for the series and attracting movie and television actors of the time to seek guest-acting roles.

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Route 66 was broadcast by CBS from 1960 to 1964, and, like Naked City, followed the "semi-anthology" format of building the stories around the guest actors, rather than the regular cast.

The exterior of the “65th Precinct” was the Midtown North (18th) Precinct, at 306 West 54th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues, in the second and the third season, and the current 9th Precinct, at 321 East 5 Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues before it was renovated, in the first and in the fourth seasons.

If so, I'm ready to set aside my pen - or rather my keyboard - and instead grab the microphone and delve into these issues. That is to say state and local government authorities, regional and municipal workplaces, private companies, associations and organisations, schools, religious institutes - whatever the denomination.

Sincerely, ”, let me say that while reading through the final proofs, several world events took place that underscored the topicality, the urgency, of the themes it deals with: terrorism, Islamism, unfettered immigration without adequate controls, inadequate integration, Western societies too cowed by the religion of Political Correctness to support their own citizens, the existential threat posed to host societies by confusing generosity with . Featuring many of the same characters and venues, when read as a series the aim is to take the reader on a journey.

These threats are increasingly taking centre-stage in the minds of entire populations, even as their politicians and media do all they can to avoid acknowledging the truth. A cognitive journey from relatively gentle, deliberately naïve beginnings in “” embarks on a dark voyage.

It takes the reader from an emboldened Hamas in the Gaza Strip to Sweden in far-off Scandinavia.

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