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I knew she appreciated my seeing her as such a sexy woman.

It didn't take long before I was pushing Joy to go a little further.

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There was a beach that I knew of where it was popular to go nude, it wasn't legal, but it was hard to get to and rarely did the local police try to stop the fun.

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I particularly had fun trying to get her to let me pull up her skirt in the car when we were driving or undoing the buttons on her blouse and playing with her breasts.

It was a huge turn on for me and always seemed to get her hot too.

After about six months of on going pressure and encouragement, I finally convinced her. We left early on Saturday morning so that we could find a good place to spread out a blanket.

We picked a spot some distance from where others would be so that Joy could have some privacy, yet I could get her up for a walk to the water and show off her charms.

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