A software architecture for self updating life cycle building models

Be good at estimating and distributing tasks, switching gears from high level planning to down-to-the-trenches coding.

This study provides a review of important issues for ‘Building Information Modelling’ (BIM) tools and standards and comprehensive recommendations for their advancement and development that may improve BIM technologies and provide a basis for inter-operability, integration, model-based communication, and collaboration in building projects.

Ideally you would be able to architect a complex web app, find the right pre-existing libraries that would help us avoid reinventing the wheel and understand bottenecks, computer graphics and low-ish level decision making.

Also, an operating model is not usually just one blueprint.

There are likely to be blueprints for each element: processes, organisation structure, decision making, software applications, locations and so on.

He is a member of IEEE, CIB and technical committee for standardisation.

An organization is a complex system for delivering value.

This is an advanced medical animation and the opportunity to develop state of the art simulation tools such as a parametric heart and many others.

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