18 year old dating 16 year old laws

i need real answers, facts documents, stories, and united states official laws of some sort. Your father cannot consent to statutory rape for you.

his parents now felt like destroying all the plans and stepping in by saying that i cant be there or they'll spend the night there too and hes going to get in trouble etcetc. i need real facts, sites on the subject and GOOD advice. dont tell me anything i dont already know, we're completely serious and responsible.You know nothing about my religious affiliation and place of worship, so please refrain from being so rude as that comment was uncalled for!!Many parents of teenage girls face a tough problem.im turning 17 in sep, he's turning 19 in june, we have a fully mature and serious relationship and we dont play around.he's going to college next season and we had plans for me to help him move in and go to universal before...I know that a girl dating a younger guy is not usually the common thing, in fact, he is my first boyfriend that is younger than me.

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