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Which is a problem not only because this is vital information for your child, but also because children are curious and they will get their answers one way or the other.

And yet here we are risking kids learning about sex from shady google links and porn websites.

The idea is to be spontaneous rather than structuring outings weeks in advance. For those who prefer to meet one-on-one and are seeking a platonic connection, Peoplehunt could be for you.

Also based on activities and interest, you could find a workout buddy or someone to practice French with.

If you're new to town, it's a great way to meet people who could give you the scoop on where to go for the best burger and shake.

Our values emphasize respect for people and diversity.

Whats App has built a community of more than 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide by allowing them to message friends for free.

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People can contact local police about traffic violations, unauthorized parking, overcharging by taxi drivers and faulty traffic signals, to name a few.

Despite the wild success of dating apps like Tinder and Happn, some prefer to simply meet friends without the pressure of dating and new meet and greet apps are cropping up."No Plans? "That's the motto of Wiith, the newest of the friend-hunting apps.

Connecting people in close proximity who have shared interests, Wiith allows users to create an event - be that going hiking or attending a concert - or join someone else's.

The Act provides for a wide range of sexual offences including penetrative sexual assault, non-penetrative sexual assault (kissing, fondling), and non-contact based sexual acts such as sexual harassment.

Unlike the IPC, which treats sexual intercourse by a man with his wife above the age of 15 years as an exception to rape, the POCSO Act does not permit any exception.

If you are not using Tinder, you are missing out on a lot of easy dating.

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